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Lambeth Mencap’s Carousel Project from lambethmencap on Vimeo.

The aim of Carousel Project is to tackle some of the barriers for meaningful activity that those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) face.  We provide the opportunity for enriching community based activities that are both therapeutic and developmental.

Our program of activities include: –

  • Dance and Movement.  Creatively using music to promote spontaneous movement.  The staff respond to the mood of those attending, so sessions can be mellow or energetic. 
  • Rebound therapy. The therapeutic movement patterns are designed to promote continual development as muscle strengthen. 
  • Swimming and sensory sessions.  Using the hydrotherapy pool and sensory room at Michael Tippet School. The combination of the two activities focusing on relaxation.  The release of muscle tension when you are in the pool and exploring light, sounds and smells maximising involvement and engagement.
  • Saturday stories.  Interactive story telling that stimulates all the senses.

All exercise programmes are individually developed in coordination with the person’s physiotherapist to ensure the program will meet the individual’s needs and enhance their development. 


Raising our Sights what people do in the day from lambethmencap on Vimeo.